Welcome to my art blog!!! I only seem to draw Homestuck lately, but if you want to commission something else, have at it! :) Also I ship every Homestuck pairing, like, ever, so don't be surprised to see a lot of multiships here. Currently SFW.
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In case you missed the joke it’s “Fuck you” “Okay”

» Commissions!


<Insert story of why I need money here>

Okay now that that’s out of the way!!






On top of that, I can code pages and themes for you! They’ll be 3 to 4 dollars per page and 5 to 6 dollars per theme!

trying to get out of art block heres a Rose

"It’s Captain Serket.”

For my space pirate Vriska rp blog akjlagd

so I saw my friend’s adorable dragon’s familiar and decided, hey, I should draw the two of them being cuties! Even though Squall Rasas are pretty brutal, but heyyyyyyyy ignoring that part„,

Colouring practice aklfdsgnriofsl

dumps iscribble on everyone

sollux/uu here

by the way Jade and Kanaya aren’t supposed to be naked I just got too lazy to finish them :’o

more iscribble no regrets

i should just put this stuff in one giant post shouldn’t i? :|

karkat by me

terezi by this wonderful person who deserves all the love shes so cool

You’re gonna get a lot of iScribble spam from me because my love for it was??? suddenly????? fueled??????

Jane by me!

Roxy by this lovely artist who is incredible and I hate her for being so amazing >:(

More stuff from iScribble

Here have this Vriska????? ???